The Masonry Guide to Adding Stone or Brick Features to Your Home

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The Masonry Guide to Adding Stone or Brick Features to Your Home

Craftsman-style homes have artisan features that add attractive features to architecture. Usually, these features are custom woodwork and finishes, but they can also include attractive masonry details, such as a stone skirt for the foundation or pedestal brick for front porch columns and more. The following guide will help you understand a few of your options when it comes to adding attractive details you want for your home:

1. Opt for Stone Skirts and Features to Make Foundations More Attractive

Today, many homes have a concrete or block foundation, which can be unsightly if it is left unfinished. Therefore, you may want to cover the foundation with more attractive materials. Brick and stone materials are some of the best choices for these skirt features and will enhance the appearance of your craftsman-style home.

2. Using Stone or Brick Features For Some of the Exterior Walls

Many of the exterior walls of your home may be finished with more conventional siding materials, but you can also mix up the finishes. For a more custom look, consider finishing some of the walls with brick or stone. The brick or stone features will make some of the architectural features of your home stand out.

3. Add Architectural Details to Windows, Doors and Other Areas

If you use brick or stone to finish some of the exterior walls around your home, there are also features that can help give them more details. These can be features like friezes and custom surround details for the windows, doors, and other architectural features. Adding these masonry features to the openings will give your home more attractive craftsman-style details and give you the look you want.

4. Add Columns to Give Covered Porch and Patio Areas More Curb Appeal

The porches and patios of your home can be other areas where you want to add details. This can be done by building the columns out of brick or stone. Another option that works well with craftsman-style designs is to use pedestal columns that support wood posts that have woodwork moldings and details.

These are just a few things that can help you add the attractive details that you want to add to your craftsman-style home with durable masonry materials. If you want to add brick or stone to your craftsman-style home, contact a local masonry contractor, and talk to them about some of these ideas for the design.

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