3 Signs That It Might Be Time To Have New Gutters Installed On Your Home

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3 Signs That It Might Be Time To Have New Gutters Installed On Your Home

Every home needs a reliable gutter system for cleanliness and safety. If your gutters have been in place for several years already, it's time to start looking for signs that they should be replaced. Here are a few important signs to keep an eye out for:

The Perimeter of Your Home Seems to Stay Muddy or Wet

If your gutters are old and worn, they may not have the capability of properly draining water. They may drain water toward your walkways and patios instead of toward your grassy land or gardens due to leaks and cracks that have developed in the downspouts. And the gutters themselves could have leaks in them that make water drip and drain to places where it shouldn't go.

The results could be disastrous for the perimeter of your home, especially in places where you don't want water to build up – like on a wooden porch or on a finicky garden bed. Having your gutters replaced with new ones should correct any muddy or wet areas that you're dealing with and create a dry and safe area around the perimeter of your home.

The Gutters Look Like They're Sagging off Your House

If your gutters keep sagging off the edge of your home no matter how often you tighten them, chances are that they need to be replaced. When gutters wear down, they start to lose their shape and can fail to maintain a solid connection to your home.

Sagging gutters may not catch all the water dripping off your roof when it rains, and when this happens, the gutters are virtually useless. So, forget about trying to make your saggy gutters more solid and consider simply having them replaced instead.

You're Continually Having to Clean Leaves and Debris

Gutters are designed to catch leaves and debris without inhibiting water flow so you can easily clean the debris out without worrying about whether rain will pile up in your gutters between cleanings. But when gutters wear down, they start to malfunction, and they don't trap debris as well as they should. Instead, the debris is pushed into the downspouts where it can get stuck and build up causing drainage problems that won't go away until the debris is cleaned up.

And debris can remain stuck in the gutters themselves in places where it isn't meant to be collected. So, you might find yourself outside cleaning the gutters at least once a week to keep them free of debris. You can save yourself some time, effort, and frustration by having a new gutter system installed on your home.

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