Water Well Information For Homeowners

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Water Well Information For Homeowners

Water wells can be indispensable pieces of equipment for individuals that live in areas that make connecting to a local water grid impossible. While water wells are not an uncommon feature for homes to have, there are many people that will lack much first-hand experience with these systems.

Will A Water Well Affect The Appearance Of Your Landscaping?

A common concern about water wells is that they will ruin the landscaping design that you may want to achieve. In the past, water wells were extremely large and bulky structures that were hard to mistake. However, modern water well systems are fairly compact. Furthermore, a majority of the water well system is likely to be buried underground, which can further reduce the impact that the system will have on the landscaping while potentially protecting it from a number of problems. The parts of the pump system that are visible above ground will be relatively small, which can make it possible to hide them with bushes or other small plants.

Will The Well Shaft Always Be Fairly Wide?

Individuals will typically envision an older water well that utilizes a very wide shaft. In the past, the wide shaft was needed so that a bucket or other container could be used to retrieve water from the water source. Modern water wells will be equipped with a powerful pump that can draw the water up to the surface. As a result, these systems can utilize a relatively narrow shaft. In fact, this can be preferable as it will limit the size of the pumping system that is needed to draw water through it. When installing a new water well, you will need to determine the estimated water usage for your home so that you can choose a water well system that is able to easily supply enough water for all of your family's needs.

Will The Water From The Well Be Of A High Quality?

There is an especially common belief that water wells will always have very high-quality water. In reality, the quality of the water that you get from your well will be heavily reliant on the quality of the water source. Some water sources may have higher concentrations of minerals or sediments, which could impact water quality. Fortunately, you can address these water quality issues before the water ever makes it to your home by equipping the system with a filtration system that is able to remove the particular contaminants that are in your water source.

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