Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing When You Own a Basement Home

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Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing When You Own a Basement Home

Owning a home with a basement can come with a lot of advantages. A basement provides extra storage, as well as a place for appliances, like your hot water heater, washer, and dryer. Many people also opt to finish their basement, which creates a usable living space. However, one of the downsides of having a basement is trying to ensure that it stays dry. Depending on where you live, keeping your basement dry and stopping leaks and the accumulation of excess moisture can be challenging. One solution is to invest in exterior waterproofing. Some of the benefits of exterior waterproofing a basement include:

1. It's Effective

There are several measures that can be taken to help waterproof the interior of a basement, they are sometimes not completely effective and may not keep all water and moisture out of the space. One of the best things about exterior waterproofing a home is that it's incredibly effective as keeping water out. When you opt to have the exterior of your home waterproofed, you won't ever have to worry about condensation, leaks, or having to operate pumps inside your basement—your entire basement will be protected from the outside.

2. It's Long Lasting

A lot of interior waterproofing methods for basements are temporary and may only last for a few years before the area has to be waterproofed again. If you're going to spend your hard-earned money to waterproof your home, opting for exterior waterproofing is your best bet. Once the exterior of your home is waterproofed, you can count on it lasting for decades. You will be able to count on your basement to stay dry all year round since the process of waterproofing the exterior of a home creates a strong barrier around the outside of your basement to keep it sealed away from moisture.

3. It Adds Value to Your Home

If you want to add value to your home, opting for exterior waterproofing is a wise choice. Exterior waterproofing is an investment that will add a substantial amount of value to your home. When you make the decision to sell your home, the fact that the exterior has been waterproofed can be a big selling point that will help attract buyers. People will be willing to pay more for a home that has exterior waterproofing since they won't have to worry about the basement sustaining any type of water damage. 

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