Three Problems Your Boiler May Need To Be Repaired

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Three Problems Your Boiler May Need To Be Repaired

Your boiler system is a critical part of your building's heating system. While boilers are among the more reliable heating systems that can be installed, they will still encounter problems that will require repairs. Understanding the types of issues that your boiler can suffer will help you notice when these problems start to develop.

Pump Failure

Your boiler will likely utilize a pump in order to circulate the heated water through the system. If this pump starts to experience problems, it is possible that the entire system may struggle with distributing the heat that it has generated. This problem will often manifest as the rooms that are the furthest from the boiler are significantly cooler. Also, you may be able to hear the pump making grinding, squealing, or other audible noises when it runs. Replacing this pump can be an essential repair, but it is not a process that will take very long for a boiler repair provider to complete.

Mineral Deposits Inside The Boiler

Mineral deposits forming inside the boiler are a problem that can impact its performance in several ways. One of the most impactful can be by actually blocking the flow of water through the system. However, it is also possible for these deposits to act as insulation, which can block the exchange of heat from the boiler to the water in it. Removing these mineral deposits can be done with a solvent that safely breaks down these hardened deposits. Once this occurs, the interior can be flushed to thoroughly remove these substances. If your home has hard water, this is a problem that can occur on a regular basis due to the high mineral content of hard water. The installation of a softening system will be able to remove these substances to keep the boiler working efficiently.

Water Leaking From The System

A leak in the boiler is a serious issue as it can cause considerable damage to your building. Over time, the boiler may spill large amounts of water that could contribute to rising rot, rust, and mold problems. You will need to periodically inspect the boiler to assess it for signs of leaks occurring. If you notice that a leak has formed, repairs should be scheduled immediately even if the leak appears to be small and minor. Otherwise, there could be a risk of this leak worsening very rapidly. To learn more, contact a boiler repair service. 

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