How To Use 3D Hardscape Design To Create A Beautiful Space

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How To Use 3D Hardscape Design To Create A Beautiful Space

The presence of hardscaping features often makes a major visual impact. Consequently, skillful and thoughtful hardscape design is critical to creating a beautiful space.

You will need to do more than think about where to place the features, though. To this end, 3D hardscape design plans can make a major difference. Let's examine how you and a professional can leverage this technology to produce visually impressive results.

Survey the Area Thoroughly

A 3D design is going to require some inputs. Unless you have the good fortune to design the hardscape for a flawlessly flat and featureless area, you need to know where there may be trouble and opportunity.

Especially if you're planning a design for a sizeable area, ask a surveyor to help you establish where everything is. Accurate measurements will go a long way toward creating a detailed model of the location. By extension, this will provide a precise idea of how virtual versions of features will correspond with the real ones when you implement the design.

Iterate Quickly

Using 3D hardscape design tools allows you to look at many configurations. Particularly if you're not sure about how you want the space to look, try to quickly iterate through some different designs. Even if it ends up being a pick-and-stick approach, you may be surprised by how a particular arrangement will look. Seeing it in three dimensions can be especially helpful because it will allow you to visualize how the various elements relate to each other.

Solve Problems

A good hardscape design can do more than look nice. It also can solve some problems. If an area needs more shade, for example, you might install a stone wall. Similarly, you might make an area more walkable by configuring the flow of foot traffic. You may find a practical solution that leads to something more aesthetically sound, too.

Consider Outlandish Ideas

Especially if you're stuck on an idea, consider some outlandish stuff. When you're looking at an idea in a 3D hardscape design package, the cost of being absurd is low. Explore something a little crazy and see if it works. If the idea ends up being a mess, you can start over with something else in the virtual space.

Bounce Images off Other People

A 3D hardscape design firm can produce videos and still images of proposed spaces. Use these to solicit outside opinions. You can quickly get feedback and incorporate new ideas into the design.

For more information on 3D hardscape design, contact a professional near you.

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