Spring Is The Perfect Time To Contact A Local Air Conditioning And Heating Contractor To Give Your HVAC System A Tune Up

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Spring Is The Perfect Time To Contact A Local Air Conditioning And Heating Contractor To Give Your HVAC System A Tune Up

With spring officially here, most homeowners will begin the process of wiping leaves or debris off of their central air unit. Maybe you need to start thinking about getting your window A/C out of storage in the basement. But don't forget that your HVAC heating system just got finished getting you through the long winter and it might need a little bit of attention or care as well. For best results, make this spring and every spring the time of year where you schedule an inspection with a local air conditioning and heating contractor to give your entire HVAC system a once over across the board.

Your HVAC System Likely Needs Its Filter Changed

Your HVAC system uses a filter to keep dust and dirt out of the system and that's true for both the heating system in the winter and the air conditioning system in the spring or summer. A lot of homeowners can get lazy about changing or cleaning this filter, but the start of a new season is a good time to remind yourself of this overlooked but crucial maintenance task. A local HVAC contractor can take care of this for you as needed while also looking over the rest of the system. A new filter will ensure maximum energy efficiency with the HVAC system this spring and summer as you shift gears towards cooling your house instead of heating it.

Get Your Heating System Cleaned Out or Fine Tuned Now Instead of Leaving Debris or Dust to Linger All Spring or Summer 

If your heating system is separate from your air conditioners, you might not turn on your heat at all in the coming months. An example might be if your home has an HVAC system that uses air ducts and vents but you use window air conditioning units instead of central air to keep cool. 

While it's easy to just forget about the air ducts or heating system in this scenario until next fall, it's not a good idea to let dust or debris linger in the ducts or elsewhere in the system. This dust or dirt could be harder to remove or decrease the overall lifespan of your system if you allow it to settle in for months on end. Dust or dirt that stays in your ducts or vents could also catch or hold onto spring allergens that circulate through the air and you might find yourself coughing or sneezing more than you might like.

For more information, contact a heating contractor in your area.

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