2 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Roof Installation

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2 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Roof Installation

Given the modern, beautiful designs and durability of today's roofing materials, a new roof is a worthy investment. However, roofing installation is a time-intensive project that requires adequate preparation even before the work begins. 

To avoid the hazards that work zones pose, here are two areas to pay attention to so you can prepare your home for a new roof installation. 

Your Home's Interior

As you prepare your interior for the planned work, consider the following tips to help make things easier.

Take Down Wall Decorations

Vibrations from the heavy machinery can travel through the walls and shift photos, artwork, or mirrors you hang on the walls. Consider taking down all the wall decorations to avoid unintentional damage when the installation project starts, especially if you have wall decorations on the upper floors.

Also, remove any light fixtures or glass sconces from the walls, so they don't break from the vibration impact.

Clear Your Attic

Roofing projects can be messy, so it's best to protect all the valuables you store stored in the attic. Move all your valuable items (like heirlooms, antiques, jewelry, and other irreplaceable items) to a safe space or rent a temporary storage unit.

For items that are too heavy to carry (like old furniture), cover them with drop cloths or old sheets to protect them from any generated dust and debris. 

Keep Your Kids and Pets Away

The noises a roofing installation project generates can interfere with your kid's sleeping habits. Furthermore, the work zones are pretty unsafe for kids and pets because of the many hazards.

Watching from a distance may not be an option because curious kids can sneak into the worksite, which places them at risk of immediate danger from falling debris. You can have your kids and pets stay over at a friend's place until the roofing project is over. 

The Outside of Your Home

Since most roofing work happens outdoors, your home's exterior also needs attention. Here's what to do.

Prepare Your Yard

You will need enough space in your yard to accommodate the roofing materials and generated debris. Move your vehicle away from the driveway to protect against damage from falling debris. Also, remember to move patio furniture, garden pots, landscaping lights, and bikes to a safer place because they can be a serious tripping hazard for your roofing contractors. 

Protect Your Windows

As the workers remove the old roofing materials, debris can fall and hit or scratch your windows. You can put some wooden boards over your windows until the roofing installation project is complete. 

Once you implement these tips, you ensure a smooth roofing installation experience. But make sure you hire a professional residential roofing contractor as an assurance that the project is in good hands.

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