Why You Should Install A Granite Countertop

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Why You Should Install A Granite Countertop

If you're looking to renovate your cooking area, you might want to install a new countertop. A good-looking countertop will add value to your kitchen. However, you have to choose the right countertop material. While you might be spoilt for choice, you'll stand to gain a lot when you choose a granite countertop. Here is why a kitchen granite countertop installation is good for you.

Excellent Durability

When investing in a countertop, you should ensure that it can last for years. At least you won't need to replace it yearly. Thankfully, granite countertops can serve you for years without looking worn out. The good thing about granite is that it's resistant to scratches and cuts. You'll not need to worry about your kids or pets playing on the countertop.

It Looks Amazing

Beauty is one of the key goals you want to achieve when renovating a kitchen. Luckily, granite countertops are naturally beautiful and stylish. They won't make your kitchen look out of place. If you decide to go with a granite countertop, you'll have plenty of patterns and colors to choose from. Besides, you can find granite in different finishes. So, if you want to have a modern kitchen, don't hesitate to invest in a granite counter installation.

It's Stain Resistant

Kitchen counters are always exposed to grease, dirt, and vegetable sap. Your counters can get stained pretty quickly. Therefore, you'll want to have a stain-resistant countertop material. Although granite is generally porous, it comes with a sealant that makes it stain-resistant. You'll need to apply the sealant annually to ensure that your kitchen granite countertop remains stain resistant.

They Are Affordable

If you're on a shoestring budget and need to renovate your kitchen, consider installing a granite countertop. The price of granite countertops is pocket friendly, meaning you won't break your budget. You should, however, know that the cost of a granite countertop increases with the thickness. So, if you need a thin granite countertop, you'll not need to fork out a lot of cash.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a factor that should influence your decision when buying a kitchen countertop. There is no need of having a countertop that requires a lot of maintenance. Luckily, granite countertops are pretty low maintenance. You just need to wipe the counter every time you use the kitchen. Also, you'll only be required to apply a sealant every year.

Homeowners stand to gain a lot after investing in a kitchen granite counter installation. So, if you are yet to decide on the ideal material for your kitchen countertop, give granite a try. 

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