Six Important Things To Be Aware Of When It Comes To Substation Painting

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Six Important Things To Be Aware Of When It Comes To Substation Painting

Substation painting is an essential part of complete substation maintenance. Those who are responsible for maintaining the safety and productivity of substations need to know some basic things about substation painting.

The following are six important things to be aware of when it comes to substation painting.  

Substation painting makes substation functioning safer.

Ensuring safety is a priority if you are in charge of substation performance. One of the main goals of substation painting is to make sure that equipment doesn't malfunction in such a way that safety is compromised.

While performance is a significant issue when it comes to substation maintenance procedures like painting, it's important to realize that such maintenance procedures also help ensure that accidents are avoided as well. 

Substation painting can prevent rust development.

Substation painting involves the use of paints that are formulated to prevent rust development. Substations typically involve a lot of equipment that is constructed from steel, which is susceptible to rust development.

Rust development on substation equipment is known to detract from the ability of a substation to ensure efficient electrical supply and thereby prevent power outages. 

Substation painting can protect insulation at a substation.

Insulation material is essential for both efficiency and safety at substation facilities. Routine substation painting helps to prolong the lifespan of insulation and prevent insulation from wearing away over time. 

Substation painting can also provide the benefit of deflecting sunlight.

Overheating is a big potential problem that can lead to equipment failure in substations. With the use of substation painting, it's possible to deflect sunlight that could cause temperatures within a substation to get excessively high.

This makes substation painting especially important for substations in high temperatures areas that are exposed to open sunlight. 

Substation painting requires a period of downtime when electricity flow must be interrupted.

It's important to carefully schedule substation painting because this maintenance task will typically require that a substation is temporarily shut down.

The flow of power through a substation will need to be temporarily interrupted during substation painting. This means that facilities relying on a substation for power must find an alternate power source during substation painting procedures. 

The substation painting process requires numerous steps.

Before substation painting can begin, a substation will typically need to undergo a thorough cleaning involving pressure washing and the removal of the original coats of paint. Transformers also need to be prepared before painting begins by wrapping them up to protect them from exposure to potentially damaging substances.

Applying a primer coat and flow coating over radiators are important steps in substation painting. The final coat of paint should typically be done with poly-silicone paint that is designed to protect substation transformers. 

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