Cleaning And Maintaining Your Storm Drains

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Cleaning And Maintaining Your Storm Drains

During intense storms, your property may generate vast amounts of runoff. This water will have to be managed to prevent flooding and excessive erosion. Storm drains are essential tools in this effort as they can provide a safe path for the water to take.

Failing To Clean The Storm Drains Can Cause Widespread Property Flooding

Failing to clean the storm drains can severely inhibit their performance. Leaves, dirt, and sticks can accumulate in storm drains. If these substances are not removed, they could cause a major clog. Once this occurs, you may find that large sections of your property could rapidly flood. This flood could even be severe enough to cause damage to your house.

Cleaning A Storm Drain Requires Powerful Tools

Cleaning a storm drain can be surprisingly challenging. The grate that protects the storm drain will be immensely heavy. Furthermore, it may have a large amount of impacted dirt around it. This will make it extremely difficult to lift. A professional storm drain cleaning service has a powerful tool that can force the grate off the storm drain opening. Powerful water jetting systems will be used to clean the interior of the storm drain. Sometimes, the amount of dirt and debris in the storm drain may be too great for these pressure washing systems. If this is the case, excavation tools may be needed to lift these items out of the storm drain.

Proper Yard Maintenance Can Reduce The Risk Of The Storm Drain Becoming Obstructed

Yard maintenance can be essential for minimizing the amount of debris entering the storm drain. In particular, removing fallen leaves, grass clippings, and branches that land on the ground can help to stop these materials from finding their way into the storm drain. Furthermore, you should periodically sweep and clean the grate's surface at regular intervals. If you have large tree branches near the storm drain, consider trimming them to reduce the amount of foliage that could fall on the ground.

Storm Drain Cleaning Should Be Done In The Early Spring

The spring months can be the best time of the year to have your storm drains cleaned. This can prepare the drains for the spring and summer showers by removing the debris that could have accumulated near the storm drain during the winter. In some cases, you may notice damage to the storm drain. Having this work done during the spring months may allow you to repair these issues before showers and storms arrive.

For more information, contact a storm drain cleaning company near you.

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