What To Expect To Learn During An Electrical Safety Training Course

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What To Expect To Learn During An Electrical Safety Training Course

Do you need to take an electrical safety training course, but you have no idea what to expect? It will help to know some of the key things you'll likely learn about during this very important training for anyone working as an electrician. 

Electrical Hazards

One important thing to know about is the type of electrical hazards that can come up when working with electricity. For example, there are not just electrical shocks and electrocutions, but arc flashes as well. This is what happens when a high current of electricity flows through an air gap, which can cause an explosion of heat, pressure waves, and intense light. The risks of an arc flash can cause injuries like blindness, hearing loss, or burns. 

Personal Protection Equipment

There is personal protective equipment that you can wear to mitigate the risk of an electrical hazard. You can expect to learn about each type of equipment and how it helps keep you safe. This includes things like safety glasses, arc flash suits, and insulated gloves. Even shoes with a rubber sole can prevent electricity from flowing through them and make a conductive floor material safe.

Electrical Safety Procedures

There are certain procedures that have to be followed when working with electricity to improve the safety of you and other people around you. For example, there are lockout/tagout procedures that are often referred to as LOTO procedures. They are often used to protect machine workers in case there is an unexpected startup of equipment while an electrical component is being repaired. 

Emergency Response Procedures 

It is not only important to know about the safety risks and what they could be, but what to do after an electrical-related emergency happens. Electrical shocks are quite unique because a person's body can still be charged by the electrical source and touching them to administer first aid can cause you to be shocked as well. You also need to know how to treat electrical burns and how they are different from burns caused by a fire. 

Electrical Regulatory Rules 

Electrical regulatory rules have been put in place for everyone's safety, and you'll need to know about those rules so that you can follow them. This includes rules that are part of the National Electric Code, as well as electrical regulations created by OSHA. You may even have to take an exam to prove your knowledge of these regulatory regulations.

Contact a local electrical safety training service to learn more. 

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