Material Options For Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Material Options For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are you in the market for a new set of kitchen cabinets? This part of your kitchen is often made a priority during any remodel and the right choice of cabinets can make your entire overhaul feel worth it. One of the first questions you'll have to consider when selecting new kitchen cabinets is which type of material to go with. Here are some of the popular options and why one option or another might be right for you and your kitchen.


Laminate cabinets crafted from synthetic material offer a number of advantages. Laminate is quite durable and it's also relatively low maintenance and easy to keep clean. You'll find that durable low maintenance does not have to mean boring, however, as laminate kitchen cabinets can come in a wide variety of different styles and colors. Laminate might not be viewed as being as "high-end" as some other options on this list but it's a solid choice for the vast majority of homeowners.


Wood cabinets are the traditional choice. Wood can offer a classic to handsome look for your kitchen and you'll also find multiple color options available based on which type of wood you decide to go with. Wood cabinets may take a little bit more long-term maintenance if you want the cabinets to remain in good condition for the long haul but using a protective coating or sealant can go a long way toward keeping your new installation in good condition for years to come.

Metal or Glass

Are you looking for something unique or different for your kitchen cabinets? Metal cabinets are usually seen within commercial kitchens or restaurants but you can use this type of material within your kitchen at home as well. Metal cabinets can provide a sleek or modern or even industrial look depending on design and style. Metal is also easy to clean and maintain and its ability to resist fire could prove very valuable within a kitchen setting.

Finally, cabinets featuring glass doors may also be available. This will allow you to see what is inside the cabinet even when it is closed. If you are storing fancy china or other high-end dinnerware in your kitchen cabinets, using cabinets with at least some glass can help show off your collection.

Contact a local provider of kitchen cabinets to discuss different options for materials. A custom design using premium materials will help you transform your kitchen and take your remodel to the next level.

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