Services You May Need For Your Water Well

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Services You May Need For Your Water Well

Many homes and business establishments rely on water wells as their primary supply of potable water. However, these wells may require maintenance and servicing occasionally to ensure optimal performance.

What Is Causing A Dry Well?

A dry well can be a significant concern for a property owner relying on it for their water supply. Seasonal fluctuations in groundwater levels can cause temporary dry spells in some wells. The groundwater table may rise and replenish the well during intense rainfall or when snow is melting. Conversely, during extended periods of low precipitation or high evaporation rates, the groundwater table may fall below the level of the well pump intake.

In areas experiencing long-term drought conditions or declining groundwater levels due to over-extraction, dry wells may become more common. If you suspect your well is running dry because of long-term drought effects, consult a professional for solutions. This may involve drilling the well deeper or tapping a new water source.

How Often Should You Test Your Well Water?

Regular testing ensures your well water remains safe and free from contaminants. Many experts recommend testing your private well at least yearly for common contaminants.

In addition to annual screening tests, consider testing your well more frequently if you notice changes in taste, odor, or color. This can ensure you can take swift action to eliminate any bacterial or other contaminants that could pose a health risk.

What Causes Discolored Water In Wells?

Discolored water from your well can be unsettling and may indicate an underlying issue that requires attention. A common cause of discolored well water is the presence of iron and manganese deposits in the groundwater. These minerals can cause staining on fixtures and laundry, as well as imparting an unpleasant taste to the water. If you suspect iron or manganese contamination, consider investing in a treatment system designed specifically for these issues.

Another possible culprit for discolored well water is sediment buildup within the well or the plumbing system. Over time, particles from soil and rock can accumulate at the bottom of the well or inside pipes, leading to cloudiness and discoloration in the water supply.

Why Is The Well System Suddenly Using Far More Power?

If you notice your pump running more frequently than usual without any corresponding increase in demand for water, it could be due to inefficient pump operation caused by factors such as low-pressure settings or worn impellers within the pump unit itself. Have a professional evaluate your pump's efficiency and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to optimize its performance. In some cases, increased power consumption may be due to a pump constantly running because it cannot keep up with demand.

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