Air Conditioning Repairs When Systems Begin To Wear And Become Inefficient

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Air Conditioning Repairs When Systems Begin To Wear And Become Inefficient

As the AC in your home provides cooling year after year, parts are going to eventually wear out. These problems do not always cause failures, but they can affect the efficiency of your system. Therefore, there are going to be repairs that your AC contractor needs to deal with to fix wear and tear. The following AC repairs are going to help you deal with the wear and tear that affects the efficiency of your air conditioning.

Worn and damaged air handler—The air handler can be one of the first parts that you want to look at. Problems with dampers, air leaks, and damaged ductwork can affect the efficiency of your household cooling and heating. Therefore, these problems need to be fixed before they cause problems with the AC constantly running and causing damage to other parts.

Compressors that are damaged—There are many things that cause wear and damage to the AC compressor over the winter months. The compressor can be affected by extreme heat during the summer months, which causes the AC to constantly run. This can cause overheating if the unit has not been serviced and cleaned. Overheating can cause leaks and serious damage to the AC compressor, which may require repairs.

Problems with condensing coils and leaks—The condensing coils can be another problem that you have to deal with that causes inefficiency. First, the condensing coils and other parts of your AC unit should be cleaned regularly to prevent problems with ice during the summer months. The ice forms when dirt particles cause condensation drops to form on parts. These issues with the condensation coils can cause leaks and damage your air conditioning compressor.

Blower and fan problems that cause AC inefficiency—The blower and AC unit fans can also be the sources of problems with wear and damage. If the unit is making noise, this can be due to the fan being damaged by debris or just because of wear. If the blower motor is wearing, it can also make noises and reduce airflow coming from your HVAC vents. Both of these problems can affect the efficiency of your AC and will need to be fixed to reduce energy consumption.

The wear and tear that affects the efficiency of your AC can be taken care of with the right repairs when they are needed. Contact an air conditioning company to help deal with the wear and these repairs.

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