3 Types Of Residential Concrete Cleaning Services That Freshen Your Property And Home

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3 Types Of Residential Concrete Cleaning Services That Freshen Your Property And Home

Concrete is such a common building material that you probably have a lot of it around your home. You might have a concrete driveway, pool deck, and floors. Over time, concrete starts to look dirty and unattractive. It's particularly noticeable on your driveway, especially if your driveway is in the shade and is covered with plants.

Concrete isn't always easy to clean, especially over large surfaces such as a driveway or pool deck. Fortunately, you can hire a company that provides residential concrete cleaning services to restore the beauty of your property. Here's how they may help.

1. Power Wash The Driveway

A concrete driveway that's stained with algae, dirt, and oil is an eyesore. After it's been cleaned by a professional, the driveway looks like new again. The process starts by cleaning dirt and grit off the concrete and then applying stain treatments where needed. Then the dirt and algae are lifted off with a power washer.

The contractor might use a spray tip or a surface cleaner on the driveway using care to not leave streaks or damage the concrete. Pressure washing can give an ugly concrete driveway a fresh, clean appearance. The final optional step is to have the driveway sealed. A sealer protects the concrete from dirt and stains, and it gives the concrete a shiny appearance so your driveway looks clean for longer.

2. Soft Wash A Pool Deck

Cleaning a pool deck is much like cleaning a driveway, except the contractor has to be careful with the cleaning chemicals so they don't get in your pool. Also, your contractor might opt to soft-wash your pool deck rather than use high pressure if the deck has decorative concrete. If the contractor will soft wash the concrete, they may need to use different cleaning products that dissolve dirt and stains so they can be lifted off without the need for high pressure.

3. Deep Clean Your Floors

You can mop and sweep your concrete floors to keep them tidy and clean, but you'll still want to have the floors professionally cleaned periodically. If you have an active lifestyle with kids and pets tracking through your house, the concrete floors may harbor bacteria and dirt that you don't notice. You may not realize how dirty your floors are until they've been cleaned and look fresh and bright. Cleaning interior floors is a little different from pressure washing a driveway. The contractor has to extract the water as it's used so it doesn't get your home wet. When finished, the floors are nearly dry since the water is vacuumed as the floor is cleaned.

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