These Are Signs You Should Consider Getting A New Roof Put On Your Home

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These Are Signs You Should Consider Getting A New Roof Put On Your Home

If your asphalt shingle roof is getting old, you may wonder if it's time to replace it yet. You want to get as much life as possible from your roof, but you don't want to wait too long to replace it or your home might be water damaged due to a leaky roof. Here are some signs it might be time for a new roof.

When Many Shingles Are Curled

Curled shingles are a sign of heat damage due to poor attic ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause your roof to age faster, so you might need a new roof even if the shingles haven't reached their life expectancy yet. When you get your new roof, have the roofer fix the poor ventilation problem in your attic too so your new roof doesn't age too fast. This might entail putting a vent on the roof or adding a soffit vent.

When Bruises Cover The Roof

Bruise spots are caused by hail impacts. Depending on how your home is oriented, the hail damage may only be on one side of your home. Your roofer can assess the damage and determine if repairs or a roof replacement are indicated. If many shingles are affected, a new roof might be necessary, even if most of the damage is on just one side of your home.

When Your Roof Has Widespread Granule Loss

If your roof looks darker than it used to, or if it looks bald in areas, that could be due to granule loss. The granules on your roof protect it from sun damage. When granules are worn away, the aging of your roof accelerates, and the risk of leaking increases. Your roof loses granules as it ages, so when many granules are missing, that indicates your roof is old and ready to be replaced.

When The Deck Has Rotted

If you've had a roof leak for a while, the rain may have rotted the deck. You might notice a slight sag in your roof when the deck has rotted, but you may not notice the signs at all. When the roofer walks on your roof to check it, they can feel a rotted deck under their feet. A deck that has extensive water damage needs to be removed and replaced. To do that, the shingles have to come off, so a new roof might be indicated.

When Your Roof Is Storm Damaged

A strong storm with driving rain and high winds can damage your roof badly enough that your roof has to be replaced. A roofer can determine the point where repairs aren't cost-effective. A storm can damage a new roof too, but when your roof is old, it is at a higher risk of damage during a storm.

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