Residential Concrete Work Myths Homeowners Should Disregard

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Residential Concrete Work Myths Homeowners Should Disregard

Concrete work may be something that you will eventually need to have done for your property. While concrete is commonly used for a range of paving and building projects, homeowners often have a difficult time with evaluating and preparing for concrete work due to being misled by some common concrete work myths.

Myth: The Curing Process For Concrete Is Finished Once It Has Hardened

One persistent assumption that homeowners may have is that the curing process only refers to concrete hardening. In reality, concrete will typically harden fairly quickly after being poured. However, the curing process will take far longer as it will require the moisture inside the concrete to evaporate. As a result, it may take several weeks or longer in order for the curing process to be completed. During this time, your use of the paved surface should be limited so as to avoid damaging it. The concrete will gradually strengthen during the curing process. This can be especially important for concrete driveways as the weight of the vehicle passing over the curing concrete could easily damage or deform it.

Myth: Concrete Is Always An Unattractive Option For Patios And Walkways

In addition to being both affordable and durable, concrete can also support a range of cosmetic options. More specifically, you will be able to choose between stamped and polished concrete for your project. For example, stamping the concrete will allow you to create a range of designs that may mimic natural stone. These patterns may be abstract as well. Polishing the concrete can allow you to give it a shine or an extremely smooth surface that will be more aesthetically pleasing than basic concrete. These options can be suitable for outdoor settings as well as indoor options. As the process of stamping or polishing the concrete will not weaken it or make it more vulnerable to environmental damage.

Myth: Polished Concrete Is Only Suitable For Use Indoors

Polished concrete is a popular option due to the pleasing appearance that it will have. However, you should avoid thinking that polished concrete will always be extremely slick. Rather, the surface of the concrete will still have enough texture to allow for individuals to get good traction as they are walking over it. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the texturization of the polished concrete by adding small bumps that will greatly enhance traction, which can be useful when the polished concrete will be outdoors or in other areas where it may become wet.

For more information about residential concrete work, contact a local contractor.

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