Unique Ways To Include Reclaimed Wood In Your Home Design

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Unique Ways To Include Reclaimed Wood In Your Home Design

Reclaimed wood has a distinct, rustic look that many people find appealing. But the idea of making a whole floor or ceiling from reclaimed wood may seem like a little much to you. If you like its look but want to feature it in more subtle ways, here are some ideas for incorporating reclaimed wood into your home design. 

As a Backsplash

A whole floor made from reclaimed wood might be a little much in a kitchen, but what about using it as a backsplash? A backsplash is usually an accent piece, meant to play second-fiddle to the larger surfaces like your counters and cabinets. You will need to have the wood treated with a waterproof sealer since it may be splashed with liquid when used in this way. However, using it as a backsplash ensures that everyone will see it, but not be overwhelmed by it. Try pairing it with a countertop material that has some of the same brown colors as the wood in it, as this creates a cohesive look between the counters and backsplash.

As Doorframes

Another option is to use reclaimed wood to make the interior doorframes in your home. This way, the wood will be found throughout your home, so it will feel like a unifying factor from room to room. Door frames don't go through a lot of wear and tear, either, so it's okay to use reclaimed wood that may be weak or slightly worn already. Not every door frame has to match, either. Each one can be a little different, such as being a slightly different color or width. The fact that they're all made from reclaimed wood is what unifies them.

As Crown Molding

Crown molding is sometimes seen as old-fashioned, but it does not have to be. If you make crown molding from reclaimed wood that has a natural finish, it will have a little more character and a more artistic look. You can put the molding in your more formal rooms, such as your dining room and master bedroom. Or, you can put the same reclaimed wood, crown molding throughout the entire home. Since the wood is so high up, it won't overwhelm the space, although it will be quite visible.

If you want to include reclaimed wood in your home without it being an overly dominant feature, the ideas above should serve you well. Talk to your contractor for more tips and ideas for using reclaimed wood.

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